West Union Lutheran Church is a community of faith that welcomes all people.
We strive to live out that which we believe: that God's unconditional love and care is for all people.

Small Church with a BIG heart!

Worship with us at 9:00am on Sundays. Worship is offered via Drive-In Worship with FM Transmitter,  Facebook Live, or in-person as available and has our guidelines allow. See the announcement below or click here for in-person worship information.


Welcome to West Union. A community gathered and grounded in the love and grace of Jesus. By God's grace we strive to be a people that continue to grow into the fullness of who God has created us to be and to give of ourselves for the sake of our neighbor.  

We are a community that welcomes all people with the same love and grace that God has welcomed us. We believe ourselves to be unique in that while we are a congregation that has been active for over 160 years we continue to seek God's call for us as individuals and a community. We especially welcome families of all ages - embracing the noise, laughter, and gifts that kids and adults may bring to enliven our community. If you are considering a new place of worship or a relocation to our area, we would love to have you be our guest.

If you are in need of help for groceries, housing, gas, medical, etc. Please call the Love Inc. Helpline @ 952-448-3261

God's Peace,
Pastor Adam


Children and Youth Ministry

Children and Youth Ministry Grows!
As we have made adjustments to our congregational life to protect our family and neighbors we have also found invoation. We created an at-home children's ministry program and then an in-person all kids ministry called "West Union Children's Station". We are a community that embraces kids and youth just as they are wherever they are on their journey of faith. Our youth and kids will lead worship, care for creation through clean-up projects, have fun together, and serve our neighbors near and far.

West Union Children's Station (WUCS) Summer Plan
Our last every week Sunday morning programming ends April 11. However, we will continue a monthly WUCS. This is a program during the worship service that engages kids in faith development where they are. It's open to all kids K-6th grade.

  • June 20
  • July 18
  • August 15

Youth Ministry is Vibrant!
Our youth follow Jesus' invitation to love God, neighbor, and each other. On April 30 there is a 24 fast and 100 hours of collective service. Games and activities to strengthen their bond. This summer they are planning a mission trip to Seattle, WA (safely and with good health practices in place).

How do I experience worship at West Union?

At West Union Lutheran we believe in following in the way of Jesus - and Jesus always cared about the health and wellbeing of others. That's why we've offered services via drive-in and online. We also are using data to guide our decision making process. When the positivity-rate is below 5% consecutively our amazing healthcare providers are more able to handle their care of others. Now that the positivity rate in Carver County has dropped below 5% we are ready to transition to Stage 3: Phase One. This means limited in-person worship in addition to our drive-in and online services. Anyone attending in-person must register and space is limited. At this time we are opening 4 pews which allow for up to 6 people. 4 pews can be registered for each week and those who register indicate who will be sitting with them. We encourage household members or those of your close inner "bubble."

You'll see our guidelines and instructions for that Sunday. You'll receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on what to do that day, how to cancel your registration, or update the names of those in your "pew."

Each Sunday will have it's own registrations. Note that if all the "pews" are filled you will not be able to access the registration and must pick a different Sunday or wait until one is open. If none are open, please contact the church office with your name and contact information. We will be collecting how many wish to attend, but are unable to attend.  Our database system does not allow for a waitlist.

Registration links will be listed below when available.

To see a big picture overview of our stages click here.
To cancel a registration send an email to Pastor Adam.

For more videos facebook.com/westunion or YouTube

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